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Estate Planning & probate

We will work with you to design an estate plan, preserving your estate while minimizing the time and expense of transfers. We can assist you with all aspects of probate law, including trusts, wills, power of attorney conservatorships, estates and trust administration.


We bring an interdisciplinary approach to support our healthcare clients’ complex needs. We partner with clients to understand and advise on their business and legal objectives delivering tailored solutions, innovative value-added offerings, and seamless service.


MKJL has experience and expertise in all aspects of contract law, from writing a new contract to enforcement, breach of contract and other related litigation.


We have an outstanding record of achieving favorable outcomes for clients with critically important interests in the San Joaquin region. Our team has deep experience in city, regional, state and federal legislative and regulatory affairs and a proven track record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients.


From individual employee complaints to contract negotiations, employers face numerous challenges. To successfully manage these risks, companies require experienced advisors to ensure compliance with employment laws and effectively defend their interests in court.

Business Law

MKJL assists you in all aspects of business law, including creating your business, whether it's a corporation, limited liability company or partnership, advise your business regarding general matters and protect your business from claims and law suits.